• Celso

Luxurious, Pure
and Exclusive

Harmony is pure Love, for Love is a concerto – Lope de Vega

Curl yourself up
Comforted in the highest quality
Caressed by its softness

Get inspired by
Great sensations,
Glamorous pureness and
Gentle fibers

Experience the feeling of
Celso de Lemos
Finest and exclusive linens.

Custom Creation
& Quality

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even be touched- they must be felt with the heart. -Helen Keller

We offer creations, made of te finest cotton, noble silk, wonderful cashmere and exclusive linen.

Combining quality and durability, Celso de Lemos offers you a 5* sleep in pure luxury.

Celso de Lemos’team garanties a great flexibility to grant all of our clients wishes.

Where knowledge from the past meets with modernism, we search the boundaries of possibilities, as an endless quest to perfection.


Colours are the smiles of nature. – Leigh Hunt

As a painter prepares his paint
to dress up his palette,
gently mixing his colours
to create his fantasy.

Our beautiful linens are
available in 20 pure and different tones
and even in any colour that suits
your personality and mood.

& Know-how

Its kind of fun to do the impossible. – Walt Disney

Treated with love and respect
Worked with our hands carefully
Twisted and woven intensively
We create the finest wefts

With handmade finishings and
delightful details.
Our products evoke emotions.

Design is our passion.
Love for our products drives our possibilities, excellency and quality.



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