2010 Dona Georgina


Dark, deep liquorish notes. Fresh and spicy wood, dark chocolate, black fruit, blackberries and compote of plums, full‐bodied and dense, young tannins of great amplitude and longevity.

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Product Description

Region: Dão
Sub‐ region: Silgueiros
Grape Variety:80% Touriga Nacional and 20% Tinta Roriz
Year of Harvest: 2010
Winemaker: Hugo Chaves
Viticulture: Touriga Nacional, the main grape variety of our vine‐ stock selection and Tinta Roriz, which adds complexity, elegance and structure to the wine, growing on slopes at an altitude of 350‐ 400 meters. The vine is grown within a program of integrated protection. Infestation control is carried out through soil movement. Grape‐ picking is done by hand, caste by caste, when the ideal point of ripeness is reached, normally between the second fortnight of September and the first fortnight of October. The harvest is collected in small 10kg boxes.
Systematisation: Vertical cane with 2 fixed wires and 2 moveable wires, a density of 6060 plants pruned in double guyot.
Exposition: North/South
Soil: Sandy with granite base
Grape Variety: Based on Touriga Nacional (80%), Tinta Roriz (20%)
Age: 11 years
Yield: 30 hl hectare
Winemaking : These wines are obtained after fermentation at a controlled temperature in order to preserve all their aromatic elegance, in big wooden barrels and stainless steel tanks, for 20 days. The wine is made by malolactic fermentation in barrels of French oak and has a subsequent maturing period of 18 months in order to potentiate its structure and complexity.
Production: 7.560 bottles (75 cl)
Physical‐ chemical characteristics
: 14,2%
Total Acidity: 6,10 g/dm3
Volatile Acidity: 0,70 g/dm3
pH: 3,75
Tasting Notes: Dark, deep liquorish notes. Fresh and spicy wood, dark chocolate, black fruit, blackberries and compote of plums, full‐ bodied and dense, young tannins of great amplitude and longevity.